Top 5 Factors that Constitute a “Good Location” Property

[Article from PropWise]

Someone asked us what we consider as “good locations” when buying property in Singapore. Below is our list of the top 5 factors that make a good location.

1. Located in Districts 9, 10 and possibly 11

Although prices are rather stagnant right now, properties in these districts tend to maintain their values better especially during the down cycle.

2. Within 1 km of popular primary schools

This is a tried and tested formula, especially for those without any affiliation with the school to allow registration in Phases 1 to 2B. Although this does not guarantee admission, your child will at least stand a chance to ballot for any vacancies left after the initial phases. For those who are buying for investment purposes, properties within 1 km of popular primary schools tend to be an easier let (and possibly at higher rentals too). “Proximity to International Schools” falls under this category as well, in view of the better rental potential.

3. Next to MRT stations

Whether you are talking about Newton or Woodlands, properties within close proximity of MRT stations are generally more sought after, even from buyers who actually own cars!

4. Proximity to amenities

We are talking about food, supermarkets and even enrichment centers. Being the food nation that we are, imagine having a selection of food choices at your doorstep every time you are hungry but don’t feel like cooking. Or imagine how all your children’s enrichment needs can be available within walking distance from your home, which means your helper can possibly walk them to classes rather than you having to drive them all over the place.

5. Near to main roads

Although one may not wish to stay next to a busy road, having to walk a fair distance just to get to the main road may also be less than ideal. My wife and I used to stay at Clementi Park and while we loved the space of our apartment and estate, we found it a tad far from the main road. While we both drive and there is a shuttle bus service for those who don’t, it is still quite a hassle especially if you have to depend on the shuttle bus. Should you decide to walk the distance out to the main road, you will probably be drenched (either with sweat or rain) by the time you get there.

[Article from PropWise]